Mel North – The North Place

Written By: Jailynn Goforth & Andrya Tester

After working at Gates, and in the apparel manufacturing field for 28 years, Mel North decided to open his own store, The North Place, during his retirement years. The store is located at 905 Bridge Street.

“I haven’t always wanted to do it, but I enjoy it,” Mel said of opening his own business.

Mel grew up in a small town, about half the size of Humboldt. He prefers to live in a small town because it gives him the opportunity to know everyone. His wife moved to Humboldt in 1953, and she has a lot of family here.

“I grew up in a town about half the size of Humboldt and enjoyed that. You know people; you make friends,” Mel said. “You can make friends in a city, but in a small town you make a lot of friends.”

North is currently trying to expand his business by making t-shirts for companies like Gates as well as baseball team shirts.

His store opened in February this year, and business has been good so far.

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