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Written By: Jailynn Goforth & Andrya Tester

Sheila Fitzmaurice, owner of Everything Fitz, worked for the Humboldt School District for 26 years before she realized that she needed a change.

Sheila had always had the dream of opening a store, and Humboldt was the perfect place to fulfill that dream. She had lived here since she was little, and she loves the people. Sheila says she loves the fact that there are always familiar faces coming into the store; everyone is always ready to help people. She said Humboldt has such nice and supportive people.

Sheila believes that bigger and better things are coming for Humboldt with all the new stores, restored buildings, and new people.

Sheila’s store is a consignment store. She sells a variety of items, from clothing to toys. Her store is easy to get around and all the workers are eager to help whenever they can. Her store offers various clothing, furniture and housing items, along with a variety of other miscellaneous items.

When Sheila first opened her store, it was in a small building crammed between a newspaper business and a restaurant. She continued to work at the school, only opening the store in the evenings and on the weekends. Soon, all she wanted to do was work at the store. That is when she retired from the school and opened her business full time. She moved to a bigger building and expanded her selection of products.

Now business is booming, and she could not be more happy about her choice.

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