Stacy and Mark Mueller – Stacy Cakes

Written By: Aidan Collins & Joseph Froggatte

Stacy Cakes is one of many businesses located on the square in Humboldt, Kan. The bakery’s owners are Stacy and Mark Mueller. Stacy Cakes is a small, locally owned business that has been open for several years now.

“I opened my store here in Humboldt because my wife’s family has been here for some time,” Mark said. “We saw an old building for sale, and we decided it would be a good idea to open up a store.”

Mark was also in Humboldt for most of his childhood, and though he has lived in countless places, he always felt like Humboldt was his home. The couple did not expect to open Stacy Cakes until the opportunity for them arrived. The Muellers plan to eventually expand their business in the future and open other bakeries in their name.

“We plan to branch out and start new bakeries in other places in Kansas,” Mark said. “For now, business is good, and we will be ready to branch out when the time comes.”

Stacy Cakes is most well-known for their variety of desserts. They make anything from cupcakes for birthday parties to larger cakes for weddings. Stacy Cakes was built from the ground up and continues to flourish in the growing Humboldt community.

Check out Stacy Cakes’ website and on Facebook.

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