Humboldt PRIDE’s purpose is to build on the faith and heritage that has sustained Humboldt through more than 150 years. Humboldt was built on family values, town pride, and hard work. These, along with community involvement are important to our mission to help us build on the pride of our community.

Mission Statement

To Develop a sense of place, pride, and community life in Humboldt.

Vision Statements

To Develop a Sense of Pride
By preserving out heritage, focusing on our future and creating and environment that is eye-pleasing, heart-warming and exudes small town charm.

To Develop a Sense of Place
By creating an identity and image that is unique and establishing strong unity in the landscaping and beauty in the improvements made.

To Develop a Sense of Community Life
By giving families and residents of all ages opportunities to enjoy and be a part of Humboldt as a community.

To Develop an Awareness of Natural Resources
By helping to protect and preserve our local natural resources and environment.