Nesho River Park

Neosho River Park

While not originally a project of Humboldt PRIDE, the ongoing care and improvement of our beautiful park has fallen into the hands of PRIDE.  The land once served as a summer camp for the local Osage Indian Tribe.  Scattered with picnic tables, including some recently installed by PRIDE that are handicap accessible, and grills in the near future, the River Park is an ideal setting for a family picnic or other outdoor event.  There is even an amphitheater and a fishing area that is open to the public and accessible by stairs.  PRIDE has also installed an Osage Prayer Wheel, which serves as a small sanctuary for birds, butterflies, and other animals, whose native habitats are at risk.  The Prayer Wheel also begins and ends a short nature trail around the park.   There park is also equipped with restrooms and Wi-Fi.

A picture of the slope by the entrance of the park. PRIDE volunteers help maintain this flowerbed.

Students from the school helping to clean up the park.

Prayer Wheel

PRIDE has brought in volunteers of all ages to help clean up and clear out the Prayer Wheel. Every year the schools partner with PRIDE for Earth Day to help at the River Park. Our current project is redoing the prayer wheel to be more organized and visually striking.  Each segment of the wheel will be its own color.  The following pictures are of PRIDE members and volunteers helping with this project.

Community members helping clean out the Prayer Wheel. We have volunteers of all ages.

High School students help replant the Prayer Wheel to help give it new life.

Picnic Tables

PRIDE recently had these handicap accessible picnic tables installed at the park.


Our amphitheater is constructed from local stone. It is for educational, music, and other events.